Summon Your Inner Genie:#301

Can you describe your workflow when you create a web page or web app?

— First I like to spend some time sitting down and declaring what the project is and what the goal of the project is. Spending a lot of time asking questions which will clarify the exact steps to initiate the flow of the order of steps to take to achieve the goal. Next comes the wire framing. Spending a little extra time to make sure all the components of the idea are laid out and formatted to be set into stone on a page I believe to be super important as once this is done coding the page to life will become really simplified. No need to worry about the aesthetics just getting the basic html in order allows your mind the freedom to go crazy with CSS after the fact.

How do you organize your code? What are some suggestions you find on the web?

— When beginning a new project I open up VS CODE and start organizing all my folders and files accordingly. Every folder is named very specific to the component being stored and every file is specifically named what it will e utilized as. ALWAYS lowercase and no numbers or spaces. Any uppercase lettering and i’ve found when you start having more complex projects and need to start instantiating files and folders it make s it really difficult to keep track of all the tiny details.

You can’t work out how to solve a coding problem, where do you find the answer? Why? How do you know?

— When I start to have issues identifying what I am attempting to solve I tend to look at multiple sources to help analyze what i’m trying to interpret. If i’m looking at HTML components I look at W3 Schools as all the information available to help understand code is very well documented. If i’m being particular with an instance of JAVASCRIPT then I look all my stuff stuff up on MDN which seems to have a more updated and niche interpretation of the JAVASCRIPT language. Once I have curated what I need if i’m still having some problems resolving my issues I reach out to STACK OVERFLOW or MEDIUM to see if i can find people having the same problems and finding their resolution.

What problems have you solved that didn’t involve you coding?

— If we are speaking in terms of computers using GIT on the terminal has been fun. When pushing projects into GIT HUB sometimes there are merge issues with conflicting code in different branches of work being pushed into GITHUB. There in itself lies a practice which having an in depth understanding of can give you a serious leg up in your day to day routine. Being able to push code and solve merge conflicts and understand the GIT commands will not only make your routine flow much easier, but also give you and your mates ad easier time coordinating how information will be integrated together.

Talk about your preferred development environment. (What IDE or text editor you enjoy, and why?)

— I started my journey with using a “sandbox” i now for the life of me can’t remember what so ever since I found VS STUDIO CODE. From what i understand there are lots of Integrated Development Environments, but i’ve fallen in love with the VS work flow. Everything from the themes available to the extensions to be able to enhance your flow experience makes it a really seamless approach to make coding enjoyable and really “pretty” to look at.

How are you keeping up with the latest developments in web development?

— I like to look up TED Talks and youtube some of the latest tech developments even if it has nothing to do with the application of code. But most of the time i find myself reading blogs on Medium and occasionally while i’m scrolling the net I find an article that catches my attention worth reading about. I also have some friends that are in the industry that fill me in on when something new ad life altering is on the forefront.

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