What do you find challenging about coding?

— I personally don’t find very much about coding very difficult. As with any new language there are always going to be challenges in interpreting how information flows and to that there are so many great sources on the internet to help alleviate some of the “hemorrhage” with the growing pains of interpretation. What i do find challenging about “code” is the programming mindset it takes to ask the clarifying questions to enable one to code concisely. That in itself is a muscle that needs to be strengthened and only in time through dedicated practice can one free themselves from the struggles of code.

Talk about a project that disappointed you. What would you change?

— There have been some projects along the way that have been disappointing. Although its never a problem with the actual project, but the mindset going into the problem. Not being able to clarify what the goal of the project is and ask the necessary questions that will clarify each step to creating the project is sometimes what makes the project less enjoyable. In my journey to learning code if there is something I can change its the ability to mentally visualize the step by step process to help initiate the broader ideas and concepts to create a awesome design.

List three key things to consider when coding with SEO in mind.



— Link-Building

List five or more ways you could optimize a website to be as efficient and scalable as possible.

— Make Sure Your Site Is Keyboard-Friendly

— Make Sure All Content Is Easily Accessible

— Add Alt Text to All Images

— Choose Your Colors Carefully

— Design Your Forms for Accessibility

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