Blog#5 :Broken Barriers

How do you describe the feeling of Imposter Syndrome? When does it affect you the most? Why?

There are times in life when we are presented with a new challenge to overcome and we must find the strength inside ourselves to press forward. Sometimes we are fortunate and the bump in the road is a minor inconvenience, not an issue we have to deeply consider or spend much time grappling with intimately. But what about when it’s something something like a subject completely out of your daily scope of practice like learning a language or making a new career move that will ultimately alter the course of your life? Now we have stepped into a pretty intimate mind frame where all your thoughts and actions are molding how you will attain that sense of achievement and this is where there is quite a bit of pressure. In order to move forward now we must begin to prepare ourselves to move into a landscape we now nothing about with absolutely no sense of direction and attempt to get some kind sort of traction. Now remember, this idea is all in your head and it will alter the course of your life. Thats pretty big. Thats a huge endeavor. Up rooting everything you’ve done and have come to know and trailing into the unknown. Well, that my friends is the beauty of life, but the struggle is real and never easy. For me, its usually right at the point i’ve committed to the idea, my bags are packed, and i’m ready to take that first step into the ocean of the unknown where I encounter my imposter. My imposter is like my evil twin, can’t live with him and can’t live without him and he never shows up unless it’s for a battle or to deceive me in my path of enlightenment. He’s the opportunist who shows up like a vulture to prey on my insecurities as i’m carrying a thousand pound load on my back through a dessert landscape. As the angel on my right shoulder is whispering words of encouragement when i’m low on moral my imposter is on my left degrading me, breaking my concentration, pulling me to the ground in an attempt to halt my trajectory to the finish line. I always know when i’m getting close to the finish line because that voice gets louder and more frequent bigger the stride i’m attempting to make.

What have you learned about the tech world that you are happy to know?

There is one thing I have learned about the tech world that I am happy to know and it’s how much support there is. Whether you’re on your own creating a project and have lost sight of a particular way a snippet of code should be written or working on something massive with a team of people the seems to be an unmeasurable amount of support. There are a ton of resources for coding and most likely so long as you’re looking in the right place someone somewhere has posted the how to’s and how to help look for resolving an issue you’re having. It’s amazing to see how much content there is how many minds make up the world of tech.

Why is the way we talk to ourselves in our inner mind so important? What effect can it have on our well-being?

Theres an insane amount of research that has been done on the studies of positive re-enforcement. It’s important to know that although the imposter syndrome exists we can choose filter those imposing thoughts with kind, gentle, and loving thoughts. One nice thought in my opinion can override an essay of negative contradictions. It’s important to be kind to yourself especially in moments of hardship as this has an overwhelming effect on your mental outlook and perceptions of how you portray yourself. If you allow it it is very easy to become miserable and depressed and actually dependent on really negative thoughts.

What about this course is challenging you the most? How do you think you are growing through it?

I think the most challenging aspect of this course is the mountain of concepts on how information interacts with information. There are multiple ways to “Skin a cat” which is amazing because it truly does give you a freedom in expression, but to be able to do so you have to know how to program. If your mental map isn’t detailed and organized its very easy to be lead astray and loose traction. I’m growing into it and slowly growing through it through practice. I feel like theres a level of intuition that comes with the territory, but if you’re not completely immersing your mind in code its very easy to loose sight of the many directions you can take.

How has podcast listening influenced the way you think?

I think podcasts are absolutely amazing. There are so many topics out there to become addicted to. I find myself pretty consistent with attaining insight on personal development and listening to comedians make fun of history. It influences the way I think because I am able to immerse myself in a world where people like myself have taken the time in their lives to do a ton of research and create a world for like minded individuals to come together and do what I like to call upgrade our minds together. Podcasts have a huge part in the influence of how I think because i’m able to learn about something and integrate it in this deep sense of connectivity.

What has your spare time looked like in-comparison to what it looked like a year ago?

My spare time leading into this course pretty much revolved around waking up before the sun and working out. Spending a lot of time taking the kids to parks and relaxing with the family. Now it’s listening to code podcasts, reading up and reviewing code, and looking at other websites to try to break them down in my mind as to how they were created.

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