Blog #4 The Content is Thick

How is JavaScript different from CSS? In what ways? How are they similar?

Working my way through Javascript it becomes evident that there are some similarities to CSS. The introduction to Javascript introduces a new syntax that unlike in CSS where we spend our time styling the details of how something looks and where its placed, we are now applying a new set of rules that coordinate directly to how an element will behave on a DOM. By calling on an element and applying a method and a function to trigger special properties in Javascript we have a whole new dimension to manipulate the flow of information. CSS and Javascript are similar in the sense we use still use elements and their properties to create our vision.

How do you map the many different DOM methods and properties in your mind? How would you describe them to a non-developer?

I personally imagine the DOM as a “thing” and the methods and properties are like arms with hands extending outward that can hold, place, trace, and direct etc, the many elements to facet a webpage. If i were to explain this to a non-developer i’d tell them to imagine a very nifty spider born with a genetic disorder that has made it a super spider in that it has and a stupid amount of appendages and those arms arms and legs have even more appendages which can all do a specific task independent of each other and also work together.

What do you find surprising about coding so far? Do you find anything easy? What? Why?

What I found surprising is that coding is extremely zen. Its difficult to start and get any real traction if you can’t set aside time to get to know the language. But once you start to uncover how to utilize its many functions it becomes a bit of a thrill. The possibilities for what you can do are truly endless and the crazy part about it is you’ll never truly know the full scope of a language unless your a walking code thesaurus. Its relatively easy in the sense the language and resources are everywhere to help guide you through and problem, but it’s really difficult if you can’t manage your time wisely. I find that HTML is probably the easiest because of the way the document flows and as long as you keep things in order you can’t lose sight of what your trying to create

What’s difficult about coding for you? Why?

I think the most difficult part about coding is being able to mentally retain how many different avenues there are to be able to implement an idea. To not have so many lines of code reiterating the same logic and keeping the layout of a structure nice and legible.To be quite honest here Ithink learning Javascript has been the most puzzling due to its eclectic ability to invoke so many functions.

What’s cool about Event Listeners? Why are they useful and what more would you like to learn about them?

Event Listeners are awesome because unlike in CSS where the content you build with is static, when you link elements with Javascript you can deploy motion to your creation. They are useful because they are a huge part of the UI interaction.Can you imagine using the internet and never being able to click anything? I would love to have an in-depth grasp of how to utilize Javascript to transform my perception of how much more i could create.

Why are you motivated? Why are you in this class?

At the root of my motivation there are two main contributing factors. One is family. I have to make sure that i can provide to my children and show them the effort it takes to make a change in your life. Nothing beautiful ever happens over night and setting a good example has always been my top priority. Others do as they perceive you do what you do. The second part is a bit more personal as it has to do more with expanding my mind and perceptions about what is possible. An example i have is training for a marathon. Once you make it the 26 miles you attain a new perspective on what it takes to alter your perception of what is physically capable. I’ve always found this to be the way I focus on what’s in front of me so i never lose sight of a goal or anything i’m trying to accomplish.




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